Code Jquery on change mousemove not working

If you’re experiencing issues with the `mousemove` event not working as expected, there could be several reasons why it’s not functioning as intended. Here are a few possible causes and solutions:

1. Event Binding: Ensure that you have correctly bound the `mousemove` event to the desired element. Double-check that the element is available in the DOM when the event binding is executed. You can use the `$(document).ready()` function to ensure the DOM is ready before binding the event.

2. Event Delegation: If the element you want to track the `mousemove` event on is dynamically added to the page or changed dynamically, you may need to use event delegation. In this case, bind the event to a parent element that exists in the DOM at the time of binding, and specify the target element as a selector in the event binding. For example:

$(document).ready(function() {
$(document).on(‘mousemove’, ‘.your-element-selector’, function(event) {
// Event handler logic

3. CSS Overlapping: Check if there are any CSS properties like `z-index` or `pointer-events` that might be causing the element to be hidden or preventing it from receiving the `mousemove` event. Ensure that the element is visible and has the necessary CSS properties to receive mouse events.

4. Event Propagation: If there are nested elements within the target element, make sure that event propagation is not being stopped or prevented by any event handlers on those child elements. To allow event propagation, ensure that the `event.stopPropagation()` or `return false` statements are not used within event handlers of child elements.

5. Browser Compatibility: Verify that the browser you are using supports the `mousemove` event. The `mousemove` event is widely supported, but it’s worth checking if you are experiencing the issue in a specific browser. Also, ensure that you are using a compatible version of jQuery with the browser you are testing.

By considering these potential causes and verifying your code against them, you should be able to identify and resolve the issue with the `mousemove` event not working as expected.

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